Here at Noral we know from time to time there is jewelry that you just can’t seem to find anywhere. A ring or a pendant that you have dreamed up in your mind, but have never been able to materialize. Sit down with us and we will bring your jewelry dreams to life.

Design Process


Working with some of the best jewelry designers in the area we will render a 3D CAD drawing of your piece to allow visualization and an opportunity to make changes to detail.

Jewelry Casting


We then will cast a full size wax version to show the size and detail of the finished product. The model is exactly to size and scale of the finished piece. Customers have the opportunity to see the model for approval or changes before going to the next step, which is to cast the model in precious metal.



Upon approval experienced jewelers use either metal casting or hand fabricate your one of a kind piece. The stones will be set and the finished product is polished before being presented to you.

Truly Yours

With each and every step of the process it’s essential for the client to express their opinions and be involved in the creation process. Each and every project is a reflection of the client and their own personal style and taste. It’s not something we create for you, rather something we create together. It’s our mission for our customers to be absolutely delighted with the final product.




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